February 10, 2011

In Memoriam: My First Pointe Shoes

My trusted pointe shoes finally took their last pounding and died on me - midway through class. Ouch! I call it a testament to my increased strength that I still managed to rise up on pointe with shoes that give less support than a sports bra. My teacher just called it suicidal. But I do look fondly at my battered old pointes. They were never perfect to begin with - hello bloody blisters - but I think we had a pretty good run nevertheless. I did my first echappés, my first relevés, piqués, bourrés, and even my first wobbly pirouttes in those shoes. We adjusted to each other, and just when we had established a comfortable working relationship, it came time to say goodbye!

During their short live span of 4,5 months we did our best to learn and grow stronger, and to present ourselves as elegantly as possible. Not really succeeding in the latter, but on occasion there might have been a fleeting moment - when we came just close enough to be on the same planet, instead of occupying different galaxies altogether. My pointe shoes never got to go up on stage - that excitement will be reserved for future pairs (hopefully) - but at least they were blessed to have their shanks snapped into shape by a former Odette/Odile! I cannot say that I will miss them dearly, but good memories will never be forgotten. Even after blisters have long since healed.

Next up: Long live my new pointes!


  1. 4 and a half months is a pretty decent amount of time to get out of pointe shoes :) Did you get the same ones again or are you trying a different maker/model this time?

  2. Well, I have only one 60 min pointe class each week! I am going to increase classes though, so my next pair probably won´t last quite as long..

    This time I got myself Bloch´s Serenade TMT31 - and it has been fun molding and breaking them in. Hairdryer + fridge! I´m just in the process of sewing ribbons, tomorrow is my first class to try them out! Hope it will not be too uncomfortable..

    Thank you "Jgoreham" for commenting! :)

  3. Oh, so sad. What kind were they?

    Can't wait to hear how the new ones are working out for you!

  4. Roriroars:

    Yes, it is sad.. But time to move on with my new pointes ;) We had our first class yesterday, and are still adjusting. After our first slow killer relevés my feet felt like they were on hot coals! I don´t know if it´s the ouch pouches (never worn them before) or just that new shoes are too snug still. Wonder if I made the right choice with these.. On the plus side is the TMT shank, which is easier to mold. We will see.

    My old shoes are from Capezio, model Aerial. They were certainly much quieter. I wish I could try out Russian Pointes and Prima Soft pointes, but sadly they are not available here. If I had the funds, I would travel to New York or London for the shoes alone Oh, and sights too. And dance classes. Although our teacher is the best you can get anywhere. Can you guess that I had another great class yesterday? I did! :D

  5. Yes, Bloch's are very loud compared to a Capezio! I used to wear Angelo Luzio's (I am dating myself a bit by telling you that I prefer a brand of pointe shoe not made for some time- and when they stopped making them, the local pointe shoppe just sent me Bloch's without telling me. I was really put out at first :( That said, I tried on some Capezio's recently and didn't care for them at all- they were right, after Angelo's, Bloch's were really the right choice for my foot.

  6. The first time I ran across the floor - ballet-style, in manege - I was embarrassed because I made so much noise with my shoes! Does anyone really wear this loud shoes on stage? Any corps this noisy would stomp out the music!

    I have to say that the Angelo Luzio brand is unfamiliar to me - so no clue as to how many years you´ve been around ;)

    BTW, what Bloch model do you wear? And may I ask what your feet are like? Oh my good, that could sound really weird in another setting. LOL. Of course, what I would like to know, in reference to your preferred shoe: do you have short/long/tapered/square toes / wide or narrow feet / high/low arches / insteps? You know the drill. :D

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