December 31, 2013

Happy New Ballet Year!

Dear Readers and Fellow Dancers,

You may have noticed that my blog updates have been somewhat sparse all year. It's the usual adult dancer's combo of work, duty, and dance - and then being too tired/busy to write about it. It has been a great year though. Lots of wonderful discoveries, awesome classes, real progress and the ballet bliss we all love so much. I promise to give you a decent recap, as soon as I recover from the New Year's festivities. There are currently eight unfinished posts in my box, but the ones I'm really itching to finish next are: "Best of Ballet 2013" and "Seeing Myself in Class, on Video, and What Happened Next"(working title). I might still write a "Dance Resolutions for the New Year," as is tradition. But I really have no resolutions, or new promises to make. All I need is class time with my favorite teacher(s), and I'm set. Ballet work is what I love to do.

I wish you the same, lots of amazing classes. Mistakes that lead into new discoveries and progress. Moments when everything comes together. Balances that last forever. Flying grand jet├ęs. Being the boss of your pirouettes. Keep dreaming and believe in yourself!

- Johanna

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