February 24, 2011

Baby it´s Cold Outside

I can´t wait for tomorrow when I get to stick my freezing toes into pointe shoes again. The weather forecast has promised another balmy -22 ºC (-8 F), but nothing gets your toes quite as pink and hot as new pointe shoes! Aah, that warming feel of hot coals under your feet..  Although I am finally getting somewhere with the breaking-in of my pointes. After my teacher had sliced the outer soles I took those babies to a short test-drive-dance after class and was actually able to get over the box! Yay! I´m so ready for tomorrow´s class. Bring on the killer relevés and fondues, and hey, is it not about time to throw a pirouette into the mix? I dare you!


  1. I commend you for the courage needed to even go outside in -22, let alone getting dressed down for ballet class!
    We're at -4, and I'm already thinking about some sort of hibernation. Seriously, I am dreading tomorrow morning's ballet class.

  2. Hah, after pointe class I was ready to go outside and stick my burning feet right into the snow! Psssssshhhhhh..

    Thankfully, temperatures are finally getting "warmer" next week (as in -8 C). Is it very cold in your studio? You take morning class? It´s no fun climbing out of a warm bed to go freezing in a chilly ballet studio..I wear a lot of layers, fleece is especially nice as it´s light and soft.

    Hibernation could be the answer, only there is no dancing involved! Maybe we should move to Miami/Australia/Madrid for the winter?

  3. My studio is... Well, not too warm, and usually not too cold. I think the problem is me being a person who is cold whenever it's below 25 C. :D Luckily, my earliest classes are at 1PM, so at least it's not morning. (I'm not really capable of acting like anything but a zombie before noon for some reason)

    And the idea to go to Madrid - love it! Let's do it! :D It would go perfectly with my flamenco obsession. :D


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