July 4, 2012

Floral Bunhead

1. Buy a bunch of cheap but pretty fake flowers. Posies work great.
2. Remove the plastic bits that hold the petals together.
3. Take a hairpin and stick one end through.

4. Pull your hair up into a bun, secure first with regular pins, then arrange flower-pins as you like. Done! You might want to use hairspray to tame fly-away hair, I didn't. I was in such a hurry to share this with you! :)

If you want to wear this for recitals/shows, just add a hairnet before you pin the flowers, and give it an extra dose of hairspray. Otherwise, wear whenever you want to look extra pretty. Or when you're heading for après-ballet bubbly with the girls!


  1. I love this idea! I wear my hair in a bun every single workday and this is a great way to make things look a little different.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. I'm glad you like it! Creating your own hair accessories is surprisingly fun - and easy on the budget! :)

  2. Ingenious idea! Have you already worn this for ballet class?

    1. No, not yet.. I admit it takes a little bit courage, like being the first on the dance-floor ;) And I would have to do my hair at home, as pinning flowers into bun just before class is too much fuss. But I did wear a huge flower for our spring show!

  3. Could you please share the instructions for your bun? I have loads of hair and I never manage to make such a neat bun. After bar exercises it ends up looking a horrible mess. If I use hairpins they will fly away which is not good. Finally I gave up and just use five elastics to put my hair in some kind of messy bun. ( I can't stand if my long hair would only be in ponytail, because it would be in my way on cambrés and pirouettes and well, almost on every exercises.) So please tell, what is your secret of smooth and secure ballet bun? :)


    PS. Those flowers look lovely on you.

    1. Hi Minttu!

      First, if you have slippery hair like I do, you need to put some product into your hair. I use volumizing mousse into damp hair (before blow-drying) and said hair powder into dry hair. You also need to have a hairspray can ready. I like Garnier and Schwarzkopf. Elnett is also good, and is also available without perfume.

      Next, comb hair into low-ish or high ponytail according to your preference. Secure with strong elastic. You want a neat and tight pony-tail, but not so tight your eyes start to water.. ;)

      If you hair is slipping out of your hands, you can dampen hair (or your palms) with water or use a little of hairspray to add grip. Squeaky clean (or freshly coloured) hair without any product is the hardest to handle.

      Then, twist ponytail around itself. Hold one hand at the base of the bun while you use other to coil the tail around. As you go around, flatten the bun with your hands. You don't want it to stick out, so don't pull the coil too tight. Tuck the last bit of your tail carefully under.

      Have pins ready. You need the same pins which are in the first photo, regular bobby pins are useless for securing buns. Start at top of bun. Push pin into side of bun at an angle, and slide under so that it anchors the bun-hair with the "head-hair". Repeat on all sides. Eight pins should do it. I also use pins to flatten any bumps in the middle of bun. Just stick them in sideways.

      You can also use a hairnet. Buy a net which is specifically for hairbuns. You can either secure hair in the same way as above, then slide net over twice. Or you can coil bun first, then wrap the net, and then use pins to secure.

      Finish with hair-clips where you need and hair-spray to smooth and hold your do.

      You might want to practice at home first.. :) I like to keep a pocekt mirror with me, so I can check the back and side-views. But when I'm in a hurry, the perfect look is less important than the perfect hold!

      Hope this was helpful. I also found a good ballet bun -tutorial online:

      P.S. Thank you!

  4. Genius idea Jo and so simple, the next time we have a sunny weekend here in the UK (it could be a long wait), this is going to be a MUST for my Saturday ballet rep class...Sleeping Beauty Garland dance anyone???

    1. Great idea, Becca! I wouldn't wear this for every class, but rep is just the right place. You could also do a more subtle version with just a few tiny petals, almost hidden away.. Or go for one big flower instead! :)


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