November 12, 2011

Turn Til You Drop

Sometimes you gotta push yourself. Go for it, and try to turn out of your comfort zone. Believe there is a triple or more waiting for you. So what if you turn and crash-land your pirouette? A bruised knee is not the end of the world. And pride´s got nothing to do with it either. Pros fall down all the time. At least that´s what my teacher told me when my nose was close enough to the floor to smell the marley. :)

It just means you want more and tried harder. Good for you!

Practicing piqué turns en manege. Photocollage by Barry Kite.


  1. Maybe it needs some crashing to break those borders?

  2. Hi Aija,

    I just learned from the lovely Rebecca of
    Tendus Under a Palmtree that whenever someone falls in class or rehearsal, they clap! Because it shows that "they really went for it." Her ballet company (Miami City Ballet) sounds like such a supportive and fun place to dance and work in!

    It´s a shame we don´t do that here in Finland. When I tumbled on the floor, there were some gasps, and someone asked if I was alright and all.. But no claps. Our teacher then told the class that falling down is not a bad thing (unless you get hurt). It means you tried more than before!

    I guess we should be less afraid of taking some risks.

    Thanks Aija for commenting :)

  3. I keep thinking that the fact of falling down in class is not something to be ashamed of, but something to be proud of. It is a display of your hard effort. If you fall down today, you will be up tomorrow. If there is a dancer who has never fallen in class, it means that they are not doing their best!


  4. Hahhahaa, thanks Nerea! Just did a little reverance here :)

    But you´re right of course. If you´re forever holding back, how can you progress? Not saying that we should go for the fall every class. Not saying I WANT to fall down every class. I mean you try, try and try again. That´s when you´ll actually manage to get it right and stay up! :)

  5. I've started substitute teaching at a ballet studio here in the US...and after not dancing for over 12 years, I am a little concerned at accidentally Thanks for the great reminder about pride lol!

  6. Hi Gayla!

    I wouldn´t push myself too far in those first classes, better to do a neat single than fall flat on the first attempted sixtuplet! ;)

    Anyway, I love dancers/teachers who are not afraid to take a risk once in a while, and who can laugh at themselves! :)

    I hope you have a good experience teaching, and dancing again!


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