May 10, 2011

First Date

We met in a tiny but crammed ballet shop, far away from home.. It was not love at first sight, as I tried on at least 20 pairs before my toes slipped into your boxes (oh dear, where am I going with this?) - but it seems this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship..

More to follow on my next post: Pointe Shoes and Pils, Bitte Schön!


  1. I know that feeling! Doesn't matter if it happens with pointe shoes, boys or teachers, the first moment of excitement is just great ;) and also, Bloch is a good choice. For me they really worked for turning, so enjoy them!

  2. Between you and a.b. I have been inspired to take shoe pictures:

    The furthest two on the right are in current rotation - the pointe shoes have about six or seven hours on them and I only expect them to last another three or four.

  3. Definitely the start of something special! I've still yet to touch a pair of pointes, yet alone slide my feet into them - it sounds glorious! :)

  4. Hello Pai! Nice to see you here :) I read somewhere that you´re doing very well in Madrid? I would love to see some new pictures soon.. :) Oh, and I hope your big toe is better already!

    Yes, I´m very keen on taking these shoes to the dance :) I tried on lots of pairs, and almost bought the Sonatas, but these had a better fit at the heel. The box is very short, which is great for my freakishly short toes. The shank bends much easier under the instep, and I suspect they will wear out quicker than my current pair. Well, such is live and love sometimes ;)

    Thanks for your expert comment!

  5. I can hardly wait for the details! I can see that they're Blochs, but nothing more! Wah!

    Oh, and I love the picture candice linked to above. If I ever collect enough shoes I'll have to do the same sort of photo. I've tossed all my old shoes, but do have all the shoes since I started back up with ballet... which at this point is a whopping two pairs: one of flats, one pointe... and another pair of flats waiting to be used.

  6. Thank you Candice for that fun picture! I might have to take my own version. :) Still have most of my old soft slippers, I just can´t bear to throw them away! It´s kind of mad, really. :D

    By the way, what kind of brands are those?

  7. Hi Rori!

    Do take the picture already :) You/we can watch your collection grow!

    I wear mine out pretty quick, but I always tape and repair before laying them to rest. Still, I use about 4-5 pairs of flats each year. Since I started pointe last August, this is my third pair of pointe shoes. But we have only the one class per week!

    Thanks for your comment. And yes, they are Blochs :)

  8. Thanks!

    The slippers are all bloch.

    Pointe shoes are russian pointe polette, grishko elite (awful!), russian pointe grande (too big), grishko maya (happy!).

    In 2010 I got good enough to take the hour-long pointe class so I had 3 pairs of shoes in the process of finding 'my shoe'. But I think I've found it; that Maya does not have many hours left and I may just order more while I've been working overtime and have the cash...

  9. haha I really love your blog. I read a post about pirouettes that really helped me. Great job, and good luck with ur new friend!

  10. Thank you Stephanie! I checked out your blog, but my Spanish is very limited.. Looks good though :)

  11. Candice - blogger was unavailable yesterday, and seems to have lost some comments too! Didn´t you post the brands of your pointe shoes? I was just about to answer, when I could not find your comment!

    Would you mind terribly re-commenting?

  12. Johanna, sure. The pointes - russian pointe polette (first pair), grishko elites (wrong shoe), russian pointe grande (too big), grishko maya. left to right.

    If you want the details...
    I started 2010 having the elites and struggling in the hour pointe class, then got fit into the grandes which once they started to break in were too big. I have super-wide feet at the metatarsal and a large frame; kept getting fit into the wrong shoe! But I got the Mayas in November and they're lovely. The small platform is a little intimidating but it really works better.

    I too have not been to as many ballet classes as I wanted (and spent a month or so off pointe due to tendinitis) and am just now getting to where the Maya is worn out and I'm gonna order another pair.

    I've tried blochs, too but the 6 is too small and 6.5 too big; no use if you don't fit into the brand at all.

    If I fail again at it I'm gonna email the CBT and offer her money to fit me into something because I stumbled into the Maya by chance. (She lives in my parents' hometown.)


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