April 19, 2011

Video of the week: POB school documentary

I have a couple of posts under construction still (the one about flexibility amongst them), but I thought I would share some of my favorite videos in the meantime. This first one is the edited and shortened 52 min version of the 4-part French documentary "Les Enfants de la Danse" (1987?). It´s a bonus feature added to the school´s performance of Coppelia, which can be bought on DVD. I saw the original docu-series when it first aired on Finnish television, taped it on VCR and watched it about hundred times, over and over.. Sadly my VCR has died since. So I was really glad when a fellow dancer-tweeter put me on the trail of this feature! 

The short-film showcases many big POB-stars in their prime, like Elisabeth Platel (now directrice of the school), Manuel Legris, Noella Pontois, but also future stars such as Nicolas Le Riche and AurĂ©lie Dupont (here still students). You have probably seen bits on youtube before, but I recommend taking the extra time to view the full 52 minutes (if you can´t get your hands on the original series). Enjoy!


  1. Wow, I finally sat down and watched that, even with my very, very limited French comprehension. :) Fascinating to watch, and makes me wish I'd started ballet as a child. But better late than never!

  2. Yeah, that is some school the French have. When the school opened, French cultural minister was there with Nurejev for the ceremonies! I think it´s fully state-supported, not sure though..

    It is also a very tough school, they have exams every year. If you don´t make the cut, out you go! The majority of POB has studied there, so quite a success rate.

    Yes, better late than never :)

    1. It is indeed state founded. All you have to pay for is your lunch, unless you want to board in which case it is only $1500 a semester .


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