April 8, 2011

Friday - Back at my Favorite Barre

Dear readers, I´m all done reminiscing now and back to present-day dancing and blogging! Though the past week I managed only one measly ballet-class, and even that fell pretty much flat. And I missed my favorite Friday class because I was out of town for 4 days, working. But not today! I´m itching so bad for a decent ballet class that I can hardly contain myself. Really, counting the hours here! So, TGIF and Madame is teaching. Happy, happy me :)

By the way, I have another post under the works - about flexibility, not having any and how to get some! I do not plan to re-invent the wheel here, but since some of you have asked, I´m gonna share anyway. I will post some of my favorite ways to prepare for class (before and in-between), and compile a list about the best expert sources online. If you have any questions, comments, tips or favorite links you would like to share beforehand, please feel free!

I have actually dreamed about this. All of the sudden I was able to pull my leg over my head, just like that. I remember thinking, wow, finally.. Of course, at that moment my alarm rang. What a cruel awakening! But seriously, despite the fact that I´m not what you would call naturally flexible, I have improved a lot over the years. All it takes is perseverance!

Picture from Ballerina Project, photo: Dane Shitagi.


  1. I can't wait for your flexibility post! I frequently have those same dreams of pulling my leg over my head, but fear that day may never come. I've started to see some improvement, but it comes and goes (right now, I feel tighter than ever before).

  2. I just loove your blog-name, it´s absolutely brilliant! Of course, this is coming from another short person who is new to pointe :)

    Those dreams.. I know for me, that position above will never happen. I think I would need one less vertebrae! But I´ve been making progress with the foot-in-hand strech. Two years ago, my better side just barely came up to shoulder level. Now it´s at head height!

    If you start feeling tighter, you might need to change your routine! And make sure you drink enough water & rest in-between.

  3. Thanks again, great writing, I am also these not naturaly flexible and just starting to realise that there is lot that you can do abaut it. Cant wait the post!

  4. So excited for your flexibility and class prep post. I'm working on my flexibility now, but I know I don't do enough before class to ensure I'm at my best. I would love to be able to get my leg up like that, too.

  5. Hi Kim!

    It varies from one person to the next. Some are just more flexible to begin with (yeah, I envy these deeply). I am not an expert on anatomy, nor am I a physical therapist, dance instructor or yoga guru. But I do know from experience that it takes commitment and consistency. You really need to stretch daily.

    On a good day I might do a bit of 5min stretching before I leave for work. Just something to get the kinks out of my body. Before class I do active stretches, never holding a stretch longer than 30 secs. This is just to ready my muscles and to get more limber. After class I like to do recovery-stretches, to relax muscles. When I get home, if there´s any time left, I´ll do a full set of lengthening stretches, which I need to increase, not just to maintain flexibility.

    Like i said, flexbilty doesn´t come easy to me. That attitude a la main? Never gonna happen. But I´m okay with that. Hey, I have a teacher who is known even among the intl danceworld as über-flexible. She can give Sylvie Guillem a run for her money! SInce taking her classes, I have improved lots.

    Just remember to always be careful! Warm up, ease into stretches, never jerk / pull / or bounce into anything. Listen to your body, concentrate on relaxing muscles and breathe! Think loong, I swear that helps.

    Hey, this comment is almost a third of the upcoming post! :)

  6. Thanks "Balletnews" :) Nice of you to stop by! I have the flexibility post almost ready, coming soon. But might get another one out of my head first.

    So little time, so much to dance and to write!


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