January 22, 2011

Good Girl!

Let´s face it: this dancer is no spring chick anymore. It´s like my blog title says, I´m way past the Thirty. Like another reader so kindly commented, a "mature dancer". Well, it sure beats being immature. But yes, I have a grown-up job, responsibilities, and at the office no one calls me "girl". That would just be weird. Why then is it so sweet to be called a "good girl" by my ballet teacher? Because it is!

"Good Girl!" means that you´re doing something right, that your hard work and effort are paying off and that your teacher has noticed. In my case it was pointe class. I´m finally getting the grasp of some of it! There might just be hope yet that I will survive our spring recital en pointe..

Also, I love being one of the girls: Saara, Suvi, Eliane, Sari, Miru, Salla, Marja, Anna, Niina, Sanna, Katja, Janina, and many more.. You rock!

artist: Ray Jelliffe


  1. Superkiva postaus! Ja mua kuule kutsuttiin TÄDIKSI niillä sijaisuusbalettitunneilla ;) Rajat hämärtyy!

  2. Auntie Salla! LOL. Which is cute, because you look like 15 anyway ;) At least your tiny ballet tots showed the appropriate respect! And as long as we are still girls in class, everything is fine :)

  3. Thanks! :)

    I know the feeling, I got one time encouragement in the form of patting on my hip/upper thigh/buttocks (hard to explain the spot :D), like you'd pat a horse, and I think this gesture came and followed also with a "good girl".

    I started to laugh (I just couldn't avoid the horse-resemblance) but at the same time I felt so proud of myself! :)


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