December 3, 2010

My Pre-Ballet Check-List

  • Dance-bag packed and ready: soft slippers, pointe shoes, lambswool, toe tape, tights(footless, black), leo, skirt, warm-up sweater, pants and socks, hair elastic and bobby-pins, towel and water bottle.
  • snack: banana and peanut butter
  • be at dance-school at least 30 min before class
  • warm-up: push-ups, sit-ups, plank
  • stretch
  • catch up with friends
  • switch to dance-frame of mind:  think positive(" I can", instead of "I can´t"),
    concentrate and absorb.
  • turn-out, heels forward, knees stretched, back long, core strong, line plum..
  • breath, elongate, dance, live!

“You will only get out of a dance class what you bring to it. 
Learn by practice.”
- Martha Graham 


  1. Oijoi! Loistava lainaus!

    Ja mun lista näyttää samanlaiselta, tosin usein kassissa on myös jonkin muun lajin treenivermeet ja joskus cd-soitin. Ja ehkä enemmän lämppäreitä kun oon vilukissa... :P

    Iloista ja antoisaa tuntia!

  2. Saara, I´ve seen the size of your dance bag! I´ve had smaller bags when travelling abroad ;) But then again, I´m not taking 3 classes per evening AND teaching too. Yeah, and the colder it gets, the more stuff I need. Also, I forgot to mention the small rubber pilates ball (to release tension under the foot,) and my wash-bag (hair brush, shower gel, moisturizer, etc..).

    And thanks, class was absolutely awesome!

  3. Dianne, I´ve been reading your blog for many years and have found lots of great tips and very helpful advice there. Thank you so much!


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