December 21, 2010

Dear Santa, I wish..

..for higher extensions (even an inch would do), clean triple pirouettes, one decent quadruple, fouetté turns (8 in succession would be a personal record), brisé volés, heels forward at all times, improved turn-out, stretched knees on pointe, pirouettes on pointe, anything good on pointe and..

..perfect pointe shoes. Dear Santa, you don´t by any chance happen to have a good cobbler working for you? If you do: my street size is 38 (European), toes are short, and of "peasant" shape (first two equally long), feet are wide-ish, heel is round, arch medium-high, instep normal. Any color is nice, though maybe not too pink.. I did see that Grishko has a new model called "Miracle" - just what I need! Oh, wait... apparently the name refers to the shoe´s non-stinky quality, and not to some wondrous insta-ballerina property. Dang! see more live performances. Next year our National Ballet is showing Kenneth McMillan´s Manon for the first time and John Cranko´s Romeo and Juliet, both absolute must-sees! I´ve only seen snippets on TV and YouTube, and I´m dying to see these ballets performed live! 

And finally, I wish for many more dance classes with our fabulous teachers Madame G and Madame M-P,  who continue to push us beyond our perceived limits in the nicest way possible. Thank you.

The Nutcracker, act 1-5. Royal Ballet (2008)

Photo above post: San Francisco Ballet: Nutcracker.

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