January 25, 2012

Pirouettes, Oh How I Missed Thee!

Remember that frustrating frozen turn syndrome I wrote about last week? Well, guess what. It's gone. Melted away like the mountains of snow outside, come spring. Someone asked me on twitter, how did you do it? Simply put, I just let my stubborn nature take over!

Seriously though, I had to refocus myself. Convinced my inner ballerina that she better get her act together, that popo under and start believing in herself again. Because there is no way you can maybe turn a pirouette. You either turn or don't turn. Yesterday, I turned. Doubles en dehors, en dedans, a variation of en dehors with the passé leg staying in the back, pirouettes finishing in arabesques and even pirouettes en pointe!

My teacher's sound advice helped, again. Imagine you are performing in a full-length ballet. Your entré goes all wrong. Are you going to run off the stage? Nope. If you screw up, you continue as if nothing happened. It does not matter whether you blacked out on some step or fell down from your pirouette. You get back up, you improvise, but you do continue. Every step thereafter is a new opportunity, a fresh plate to dance from.

This advice I took to heart.


  1. Yes! I'm so glad for you. Congrats on getting your turns back. :)

  2. Great your pirouettes are back :D

    Great advice from your teacher!

    My lesson yesterday went exactly like the previous one, all wrong (according to me), but then my teacher told me at the end of class "Do you know why i push you so hard?" "Uh, cuz I'm doing it wrong?" "No, silly! Because you can do way better" :) My gosh! I wanted to cry of happiness then, but my inner self told me not to :3


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