February 25, 2011


Just getting ready for tonight´s ballet classes, but I´m sure Eleanor Roosevelt´s wisdom applies to any given situation.. Although I can´t say that I have ever been really afraid in ballet class. But, over the years there have been many occasions where I thought "I cannot do this." "It is just too hard." "This is only for the good girls and the pros." "Fouettés? Are you kidding me?" "My leg up there? Are you crazy?" Luckily my teacher(s) did not take no for an answer. So I stepped over myself and my self-doubt and did it anyway. I did it my way! Never perfect, mostly just barely there, but every time I tried to do "the impossible" it changed me a little. I have since become more confident in my abilities, and no longer shy away from stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel that there is still more of dance inside me, waiting to be discovered!

Above picture by Robert Caputo, August 2007
From Photography Field Guide: People & Portraits
Edited by myself using Picnik and the wisdom of E. Roosevelt.

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